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Addiction Peer Support Groups

We are a new type of peer support community that provides a private group experience that supports multiple avenues to reach your best-recovered life.

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Connection in your pocket!

Get access to your recovery on the go with the Recovered Life mobile app.  Access your group meetings, resources, and the community  with just a tap of a button. 

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Mobile App Launching in 2023!

The New Way To Experience Recovery

Whether you are pursuing a 12-step program, not involved in 12 steps, spiritual, agnostic, atheist, or just trying to figure it out, you are welcome here.

Recovery Meetings

Access curated group support meetings online and in the comfort of your own home.

Private Coaching

Connect instantly with coaches that specialize in addiction peer support and recovery issues.


Connect with quality  like minded people that are traveling on the recovery journey.

Addiction Focused

Recovered Life is specifially focused on providing the needs of addiction support.

Jumpstarts & Challenges

Instantly unlock amazing recovery focused ecources and jumpstarts from top coaches.

and much more...

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Our Secret

Passionate Coaches

🔥Our secret sauce is not the technology but our coaches and community. That is why we don't focus on algorithms. We know from our own experiences that great recovery centers on the process of creating meaningful connections, doing the work, and ever-growing self-awareness.

“I love that I have a 12-step alternative. The meetings are well thought out and always get a ton of value."

Lannette H.

The New Way To Experience Recovery