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You Are Not Alone! Damon Frank & Kristina Dennis are here to support your journey to recovery.  Recovered Life was born out of a need to provide people seeking a fulfilling long-term recovery and family units looking to heal from the damage of addiction.  Our goal is to provide the resources and support needed for you to live your best-recovered life.  

Recovered Life Coaches

Damon Frank & Kristina Dennis

With over 50 years of combined sobriety and long-term client success stories, our discreet and personalized services provide you a path to a productive and fulfilling sober lifestyle. 

We know your journey to success needs to be personalized, curated, and uniquely tailored to fit the powerful sober you. That is why we customize your sobriety journey focusing on the skills you need to not only succeed but thrive. By empowering you with proven strategies, powerful conversations, and lifestyle techniques, our goal is to guide you through the tricky emotional pitfalls, life pressures, and conflicts that cause many to relapse. 
Our primary goal is your sobriety. We fill the gaps for individuals and families seeking personalized support.

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