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Private Concierge Recovery Exsperience

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Private meetings & coaching for people looking to live their best-recovered life!

We feel so confident that we can help you live your best-recovered life we are willing to give your 14 days for free!

Please note that this is a private membership and we reserve the right to terminate the membership.

Our private meeting and coaching experience is a concierge service for people looking not only to get and stay sober but want to live their best-recovered life.

We offer private curated peer support meetings, private one-on-one coaching, seminars, and access to exclusive members-only recovery content specifically geared for people looking to level up their recovery. This member-only service is perfect for the person that wants to easily plug into a safe, private, and rewarding group experience with the flexibility to go deeper in the exploration of physical and emotional sobriety through one-on-one coaching sessions.

This Is Who I Typically Loves Us

  • You are looking for a more personal and private recovery experience.

  • You just got sober and looking to create a new life in recovery.

  • You are a relapser and need a plan for long-term sobriety.

  • You have long-term sobriety, but you feel you need to stay connected and work on specific areas of your recovery. 

  • You are looking for another recovery path other than a 12-step program or need some more personal attention in addition to your 12-step program.