Private Concierge Recovery Coaching

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Private and personally curated coaching for people looking to live their best-recovered life!

I am so confident that I can help you live your best-recovered life I am willing to privately coach you for a week for FREE!

I only offer a few of these FREE coaching plans a week. If this is something that speaks to you grab it now before they are all booked up.

My private coaching experience is an action-driven concierge consulting service for people looking not only to get and stay sober but want to live their best-recovered life.

Getting and staying sober is not enough. You want to be happy and play full out in life, but sometimes you might feel stuck and struggle to get through the day. As the sober days stack up, you begin to believe that the possibility of living the life you want is just not going to happen.

My coaching is structured to help you obtain your best-recovered life, find out what you want, define a clear roadmap of how to achieve it, and support you on your journey.

This Is Who I Typically Work With

  • You just got sober and looking to create a new life in recovery.

  • You are a relapser and need a plan for long-term sobriety.

  • You have long-term sobriety, but you are stuck and can't make the changes you need to live your best-recovered life.

  • You are looking for another recovery path other than a 12-step program or need some more personal attention in addition to your 12-step program.  

  • You are looking for a more personal and private recovery experience.

It Is Not Just About The Coaching Sessions!

When I started coaching, I realized that one session a week is not enough to make a substantial change. If you want to make big moves in your life, one call a week is just the starting place. You need daily support and accountability to reach your goals. We need to have a relationship! That is why all of my have daily access to me seven days a week through the video-sharing app Volley. This allows us to communicate face to face with daily check-ins to make sure you are on track and have access to me when you need it the most.​

Here Is What You Get! and yes it's FREE

Most coaches offer a free product that consists of a stale ecource. I did not want to do that. Real high-performance coaching must be personal, effective, and consistant. It also needs to be effective. That is why our week together is going to be designed to tackel one issue in your recovery and make a substantial change in the shortest persiod of time.

Here is what you get!

  • 30 Minute Private Live Coaching Kick-Off Session

  • Daily Live Coaching Check-Ins on Volley (Yes every day!)

  • Pre Coaching Call Assessment (Sent to you right away!)

  • Access to the Recovered Life Community & Exclusive Content

  • 30 Minute Private Live Coaching End of Week Victory Call

I only offer a few of these FREE coaching plans a week. If this is something that speaks to you grab it now before they are all booked up.