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Contributor Packages

Amplify Your Expertise with the Recovered Life Contributor Package

All The Details

Here is everything you will recieve in the Recovered Life Contributor Package!

Customized Interviews

The Recovered Life Show conducts virtual interviews with experts to showcase their authority, and producers guide them through the process. The interviews are about 25 minutes each, and two episodes are recorded back-to-back in less than one hour, making it a fun and easy process that won't take up too much time.

Episode Pre-Production

The key to an amazing on-air performance is great pre-production. Recovered Life provides a detailed episode summary, show notes, and suggestions for contributors to ensure they have the best possible on-air performance with the help of their expert team.

Social Media Content

Creating compelling social media content can be frustrating and time-consuming. With the Recovered Life Contributor Package, contributors receive at least five social media posts created from each episode, sized for Instagram reels or YouTube stories, which can be posted with ease and take no additional time from your busy schedule.


Recovered Life recognizes the significance of distribution channels in reaching a wider audience, and has added dozens of apps, platforms, and channels for their show over the years. By producing the show in both video and audio formats, they make it more accessible to listeners and viewers, and eliminate the need for individuals to spend time and resources on producing their own podcasts.

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Social Media Promotion on our Platforms

The Recovered Life Contributor Package promotes the episodes and content created from the episodes on the Recovered Life social media platforms, distributing long-form and short-form content and helping you reach a wider audience.

Backlinks and Social Media Tagging

As part of the Recovered Life Contributor Package, we include backlinks to a site of your choice in the episode, giving you a valuable boost in search engine rankings. In addition, we'll tag your social media profiles, making it easy for listeners and viewers to connect with you and follow your work. This feature allows you to not only showcase your expertise on the Recovered Life network but also drive traffic to your website or other online profiles.

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Custom SEO Blog Post Episode Recap

We break down the interview into smaller social media posts, including Instagram reels, YouTube stories, and other promotional videos. We also provide 10 text social media posts based on their expertise.

Get Featured on Clubhouse, Wisdom, & Other Social Audio Apps

We promote the episode across multiple platforms, including podcast and YouTube.

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Optional Add-on Promotions

Clients can choose to add-on services such as 30-second ads that can run through our network.

Why the contributor package is a smart business investment!

The Recovered Life Contributor Package is a smart business investment for addiction professionals who are looking to grow their brand, promote their services, and position themselves as industry leaders. By leveraging the package's comprehensive suite of marketing services, addiction & wellness professionals can save time and resources on creating high-quality marketing content and focus on what they do best - helping people.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Saves you time and resources in creating high-quality marketing content. Typically your time commitment to record two episodes is less than one hour a month.

  • The hassle-free alternative to traditional marketing and promotion methods allows you to focus on your core competencies while building your brand and expanding your reach.

  • Builds credibility and authority through association with the reputable Recovered Life brand.

  • Cost-effective marketing solution that drastically reduces your cost of hiring and managing internal and external staff.  

  • Provides an opportunity to network with other top professionals in the field through association with the Recovered Life network. 

  • Increases exposure to potential clients and customers through the extensive reach of the Recovered Life network.

  • And... It's fun!

Recovered Life
Contributor Packages

Start simplifying and improving your marketing today!