Dispute Resolution

The vast majority of transactions on Recovered Life are completed without issue, but we understand that sometimes disagreements will arise that cannot be worked out between the buyer and the seller. 

We have provided this form for buyers to file a review of the dispute and come to a resolution.  

Here is how the dispute process works.

When one of our buyers opens a dispute, Recovered Life will give the seller 3 business days to respond.  


If they do not respond within 3 days, the case will be arbitrarily closed in favor of the customer.


If they do respond, Recovered Life support will allow them to review the buyer's complaint and resolve it.


If they decide the customers complaint has been resolved, and the buyer is still unhappy, then Recovered Life support will review the facts of the dispute.


This includes, but is not limited to:


  • Reviewing the coaching service page of the service purchased

  • Reviewing communication that took place between the buyer and seller

  • Reviewing the deliverable provided by the seller

  • Reviewing any other facts relevant to the case


After that, Recovered Life support will make a decision based on our findings.


If they side with the buyer, the funds from the order will be returned to either the customers' account if they paid by PayPal, or back to the credit card used.


If they decide to side with the seller, the funds will be released to the seller for the services provided. 


Once a decision is made in a dispute by Recovered Life support, it is final and can't be appealed further.

Dispute Form

Please fill out this form to file a dispute


Your dispute is being reviewed and we will be in touch with you shortly.