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Kevin Kline

Recovery-Centered Meditation Coach

Sober Coach & Recovery Focused Meditation Teacher

Kevin has been a Meditation Teacher & Spiritual Coach for over 25 years. He gratefully has well over three decades of Recovered Life. His work in private practice allows him to assist people in finding Peace and Freedom in their own lives.

My Story

Meditation came naturally to Kevin. By the age of 5, he was intuitively doing focused breath work every night at bedtime. This helped him deal with life on life's terms & still does on a daily. His Life has been about the teaching of Meditation & Spiritual principles and how they can be used to uplift one's life. He uses all of his Spiritual gifts & tools in his work with others. He has a deep & quiet walk with Spirit that he always craved. It is his Joy to share that with others. 

Kevin is a Creative, Intuitive Empath. It is his Nature to see the Beauty within All. He reflects this with visual art, and writing & in his private practice. He is an Ordained Ancient Wisdom/New Thought Minister. He has been studying & teaching Spiritual Principles since the age of 15. 


My Recovered Life

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Working Together

Working Together

I offer private 1:1 coaching in either 30 or 60 min blocks.